Do you want to make an impact? Denver Teach Today prepares professionals to make an immediate impact in the classroom and the community. The program is committed to ensuring that we have the best teachers in our schools.

DTT is designed to help you make a positive impact by preparing the best teachers for our district’s schools.

“The training provided by the DTT staff has been excellent in preparing me to become an effective teacher for Denver Public Schools. The feedback from my coaches was timely and applicable to my classroom training during the summer and the beginning of my teaching career in DPS.”

“DTT is the best program in preparing me to make a significant impact in the classroom and the surrounding community.  Its emphasis on cultural responsive teaching through the use of highly skilled mentors and professional development classes has greatly enhanced my ability to teach effectively.”

DTT provides teachers:

  • The opportunity to encourage student learning by incorporating their own background and experience
  • Practical training that emulates what DPS classroom teachers are doing
  • Community impact based on core DPS values